Health Assessment

The first step in taking back control of your content starts with identifying the gaps between your technology and the desired business outcomes. From discovery and data collection to validation and value-mapping, our holistic analysis is a proactive way of getting to know the current obstacles that challenge your organization’s content strategy and offer alignment at every level of the business.

Motiv ensures that its findings, recommendations, and forward-thinking ideas fall in line with overall strategic planning and operational budgets. We also back up our recommendations with the talent, resources, and team support to make it happen.

Optimizing Current Investments and Strategies

Setting your content free does not necessarily mean replacing your current technology. Sometimes, doors just need to be moved or unlocked. Motiv recognizes the hard work and investment behind an organization’s technical infrastructure and content repositories. If the priority is to optimize and reinforce the existing technologies to extend ROI, we see that is an appropriate and responsible first step.

Motiv wants to help your organization find a way out of bad implementations, vendor lock-in, and broken processes. Our goal is to identify strengths, realign best practices and provide guidance on improving the performance, flow, and availability of content to support your business outcomes.


The innovation and modern practices being deployed today around content logistics is transforming (again) the way companies do business. Organizations like Netflix, Amazon, Google, and Spotify are breaking through barriers to deliver content with speed, scale, and reliability at unprecedented levels. They are showcasing modern coding practices, services and infrastructure that set new standards in the flow and availability of content.

Motiv provides the vision and roadmap for organizations who want to begin the journey of modernizing the way they integrate, sync, store, search, recover, analyze and deliver content across the entire enterprise.

Content Management Strategy

With more than 20 collective years of content management experience, Motiv’s leadership team can best be described as seasoned veterans that understand it’s not just the software. Rather, it is a living, breathing orchestration between intricate functionality with human creativity that transforms the idea of a business into the goods and services it offers the global marketplace.

Motiv helps build structured, future-ready strategies for creating, publishing and governing a business’s content and data. Be it through HTML, headless, static, or hybrid strategies, Motiv customers will reap the immediate rewards of improved processes, usable technologies and risk mitigation.

Architecture & Infrastructure Design

Many enterprises underestimate the architecture and infrastructure required to merge the goals of the development and business teams. Most of the time, that oversight is discovered after launch when real-world data and use expose the inevitable deficiencies. Through a deep analysis of your network infrastructure environment, Motiv guides business leaders across industries to make the most effective decisions around current and future technologies, network design and infrastructure.

With deep experience in both software development and system administration, Motiv’s technical consultants are well-equipped to work in sync with the enterprise to analyze and improve infrastructure design, governance, security standards, and internal tools.

Optimize your business with Motiv Consulting

Optimize your business with Motiv Consulting

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