Managed Hosting Services

For those who want their technology to just work, it starts here. The reality is that your internal IT team’s performance is as handcuffed and short-staffed as they are inundated with managing vendors, daily operations and just keeping the lights on. Motiv has seasoned system administration engineers with the expertise to provide all levels of dedicated managed hosting services for on-premises, cloud, or a hybrid of both.

From simple system administration support to fully managed architectures, Motiv can help perform the necessary tasks that your IT the team would prefer not to — or just can’t — complete in order to enable an agile culture, CI/CD practices, and the deployment requirements content-driven applications demand today.

Product Support and Help Desk

Why does Motiv offer help desk support as a third party? Because everyone knows there are gaps. We’re talking about those boundaries in your content ecosystem and custom implementation where software vendors leave you stranded. The vendors are unable to support or keep up with your company’s evolving technology and business needs. Where these vendors fall short, that’s where Motiv begins.

Not only can we fill those gaps, but we also break through those boundaries by providing complete, enterprise-level, 24/7 support, establishing stability and confidence across all of your content-driven applications and custom implementations. Motiv provides a comprehensive, balanced approach in delivering timely and targeted help desk support and uptime service levels to meet organization-specific processes and on-the-ground needs.

Motiv currently supports more than 85 organizations worldwide including Fortune 1000 companies and top brands.

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Fill the gaps with Motiv Managed Services

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