What Is Diesel

Diesel is a highly available distributed Object File Store with the ability to scale across datacenters.

Why Diesel

The inevitable question that comes up is are we just creating something that already exists. To answer this let’s look at some common questions

Are there open source products or libraries that store files as objects that can scale and are distributed?

Answer is YES

Why didn’t MotivLabs use one of the already available solutions?

  • Lack of proper Docker support and maintainability
    • Gluster and CEPH are too hard and difficult to support and maintain especially within a Containered solution of Microservices. Neither have great Docker or Container options
  • Large File Support
    • Seaweed can but it is kind of an afterthought with their product. It requires the client to manage the chunks. Because of this it falls off for us here at Motiv. In addition to this the scalability of the files across datacenters happens as the file system itself is replicated. Would like to see a more slick solution
  • Scaling Across Datacenters and Enabling a Global Deploy
    • MinIO can replicate for DR but it doesn’t truly scale data centers. We needed more of a no master and always available solution across geographical regions
All this led us at MotivLabs to the conclusion that if we needed an Object Store that is Micro Service Friendly, Container Friendly, Supports Large FIles and Scales across datacenters we needed to implement it on our own.



S3 like Object Storage that Scales Cloud Providers

S3 and all the scalable object storage services from the cloud providers are fantastic but what about if a business requires redundancy across cloud providers? This is where Diesel comes to the rescue. Diesel’s backend and storage can scale across cloud providers and even Kubernetes clusters.

S3 like Object Storage that Scales Geographically

Often business requirements require software to scale across regions. Region scaling is difficult to achieve, build, and code. Diesel’s backend is masterless and can scale around the globe and across regions.

S3 like Object Storage that Without Vendor Lock In

Simply put many organizations do not want to lock themselves into AWS, Google Cloud, or Azure. Diesel provides development teams with flexibility to run anywhere.