What is Impulse

Impulse allows organizations to integrate Content from one to many Content Repositories and CMSes. A example of the types of things Impulse can do is as follows :

Sync Content from multiple Sources to multiple Destinations

Warehouse Content across all these Sources and Destinations

Drive CI/CD processes as it relates to Content Repositories

Drive your DR process

Provide Point in Time Recovery to Content. Think Time Machine for all your Content

Provide Auditing for Content across all Content Repositories

Aid with Governance and Compliance as it relates to Content Across your Organization

Impulse is the flagship product for MotivLabs. Diesel, Janus and most of our other software came about resulting from Impulse requirements.


Use Cases

Syncing Content between CMSes

impluse 3

No enterprise organization uses just one Content Repository. As a result there is a need for integration and syncing of content across systems and the business. The below diagram illustrates the case. While almost any CMS can be implemented here you can get an idea from some common CMSes

Driving CI/CD

impluse 3

One of the systems we have worked with is Strapi. While this example can be applied to almost any CMS this is an example of Impulse being used to empower and assist your organization with Content CI/CD

In addition to this Impulse can be part of your entire CI/CD process by delivering Content to a Container that was just spun up. This could be integrated into complex deploy and delivery processes as well as things like Blue/Green deploys.

GPDR and Compliance across Content Repositories

In today’s business environment and business presence governance and compliance are more important than ever. While we haven’t even seen the top of the iceberg yet by way of lawsuits GDPR and like regulations have certainly left their mark. The truth is businesses typically do not plan to violate anyone’s privacy but when a person’s information exists across so many data systems how can a large enterprise be assured it is truly compliant? This is a real problem. Impulse can come into your organization and connecting systems in a way to assist with knowing what data/content lives where and assist in removing it as necessary.

Organizational Search

Impulse can deliver to Elastic Search or any other search/index engine Content from any Content Repository it connects to. This can help drive organization wide searching.

Further Investigating

For a better understanding of how impulse works see our documentation.