The Why and the What

For anyone using Microserves or any like patterns the need for unified logging is essential. At Motivlabs we work with many databases and with many clients who have many different databases but the Motivlabs services and software is primarily built on Cassandra. The reason for this is the heavy focus on scalability and ability to handle large amounts of data that Cassandra brings to the table. So for us when it came time to implement unified logging we turned to FluentD as it is the defacto standard. We needed a solution that would work for our SAAS offerings, Custom Hosting options, and Onprem offerings. FluentD solves this because it can be integrated into everything from Splunk to ElasticSearch to pretty much anything you can think of to store logs in.

for hosting options and SAAS offerings. Looking around we realized we needed a connector between ``Cassandra and FluentD that was maintained by an Enterprise company and supported by an Enterprise company who would treat the connector with business software in mind.

We decided we wanted to not only support the connector and provide an enterprise solution to the problem but that we would keep it open source hence fostering community and allowing others to benefit from the expertise at MotivLabs.


Unified Logging to Cassandra

There are some older libraries out there that connect FluentD and Cassandra but they have no corporate backing and or are not currently maintained. This is where the MotivLabs FluentD/Cassandra Connector can help you. If you or your company require libraries that are backed by enterprise organizations or even need support our connector is the one for you.